About the Knowledge Standards Foundation

The basics of our organization.

Our mission is to help bring the encyclosphere into being. To make this happen, there’s almost certainly something for you to do! If you want to get involved, please check in at our Mattermost server.

A good place we recommend to participate is our Mattermost server which specializes in relatively long-form discussion about decentralizing the Internet but particularly about decentralizing encyclopedia articles. We’re working on a number of active projects you might be able to help us with.

The Knowledge Standards Foundation was founded in September 2019 by Wikipedia ex-founder Larry Sanger and a growing team. We are located in central Ohio and are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are very serious indeed about our founding principles.

We will take donations only from individuals and foundations (not for-profit corporations or governments), and we will carefully review the sourcing of any large donations. We are also committed to keeping the encyclosphere every bit as politically neutral as the blogosphere or the DNS (website naming and locating) system.

Have more questions about the Foundation? Contact us to discuss.

Read more: Introducing the encyclosphere and the FAQ.