Guest post: AI Article Bots

Love them or hate them, bots are a fact of life on the internet today. Some bots are useful, they can fetch and provide a link to an article on a topic mentioned in a post. Some bots are funny. There was one, an RMS bot, which would appear and “correct” people who used the term “Linux”, suggesting that instead “GNU/Linux” should be used instead, and some reasons why. (Use GNU+Linux-Libre these days, by the way!) Some bots are so clever that they are even today becoming indistinguishable from humans. They might start writing encyclopedia articles. As an example, here is what the GPT-2 (try here: Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence created after only one look at a few words from the first paragraph of Dr. Larry Sanger’s article, “Introducing the Encyclosphere”: We are fed up. After ten years of domination by big social media—which might finally be in decline—we are tired of giant Silicon Valley corporations using us contemptuously. We still remember an Internet in which we charted our own destiny. **We want our own Internet—we just don’t want to be owned by anybody. Now, after our initial enthusiasm for these new tools, we want to see what happens next. We want a world in which technology can enable us to find our own way in the world, not through the dictates of the powerful, but through the collective wisdom of the many. Now, as we get a little older, we have come to understand that the great promises of the digital age have proven elusive. We’re tired of being manipulated, of being misled, of being manipulated by companies that profit from controlling information, and** It will become increasingly difficult to determine whether an author is a bot, or even augmented by a bot. Encyclosphere ought to have a facility to oversee bots and perhaps develop policies to ensure that they are a benefit.

By HighlandGNU

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  1. Looking at the graduate papers, the linguistic expertise being pulled in for NLP work will make this extremely difficult to combat. Looking forward to approaches on how to manage a healthy balance.

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