Alpha Crew (the website of the Knowledge Standards Foundation) is in pre-alpha. We are looking for alpha testers and volunteers to help us build this. Nobody, including Larry, is getting paid to work on this at this point. Here are some people who have volunteered (we’ll add names as new people arrive, and remove names as they fail to engage).

This list hasn’t been updated in a while, and there have been many additions. Please stand by for an updated version.

  • Larry Sanger – Executive Director
  • John Hampson – PM, Marketing
  • Terrence Yang – Advising, Legal
  • Dave Erasmus – Video
  • Jon W. – Advising
  • Andrei Vizi – Design
  • Henry Sanger – Tech
  • Mike Elias – Advising
  • Nicholas Resendez – Tech, Social media
  • J.-François Gariépy – Social media, Writing, Legal, Advising

Expressed interest, should be here (or if not, soon):

  • Tim Francisco – Advising (e.g. identity)
  • Agah S. – Design
  • Anatoly Rosencrantz – Tech
  • Edward Martins-Berki – Advising, Writing/Editing
  • Panos Vasilopoulos – Tech
  • Iranjeet Singh – Tech
  • Tom Siebert – Advising, Writing/Editing
  • Peyman Razaghi – Tech
  • Youssef Sabry – Tech
  • Patrick Durusau – Writing/Editing
  • B. – Tech, Social media
  • Alonzo Zabel – Social media, Tech
  • Many more waiting to get in

Volunteers: message Larry (@lsanger) with a link to your personal home page or whatever you want linked above.