Guest post: User story on ratings and edits

This is intended to be an example of the activities that the encyclosphere standards and protocols should support. It follows on from user story 1, which introduces “sciepedia.org”, a hypothetical online science encyclopedia. Kevin is a regular user of sciepedia.org, and has contributed to a number of articles on the subject of high-energy physics. He […]

Guest post: User story on searching and reading article on web

In order to identify the requirements for an encyclosphere protocol, here’s a sketch of how one user might use one online encyclopedia one day. Nothing about this is prescriptive, it’s just an example of how it might work. Jane, sciepedia.org and altiepedia.com are fictional Story A user “Jane” wants to search for an article about […]

Guest post: Kinds of Online Encyclopedia

I don’t think we have a clear shared idea of just what an online encyclopedia within the Encyclosphere would look like. Mostly, that’s a good thing. We’re not trying to build an encyclopedia, we’re trying to enable a multitude of encyclopedias, and they won’t all have the same form of presentation or the same editorial […]