Developers, Help Save Deleted Articles

Hi Developers (especially), You might have seen recently in the news that Wikipedia deleted their Rosemont Seneca Partners article. We think there ought to be a collection of all deleted Wikipedia articles, or the subset of deleted ones that are not just obvious spam or vandalism. The Deletionpedia website, which saved copies of deleted Wikipedia articles, is now defunct. The KSF now… Continue reading Developers, Help Save Deleted Articles

KSF Progress Report

Since last December, the Knowledge Standards Foundation has made great progress, so we have a lot of big news, from the top of this newsletter to the bottom!  1. Explainer video premieres tomorrow @ 11 a.m. EST:The Universal Network of Encyclopedias: A Progress Report Premieres Tuesday, 11 a.m. Eastern; about 50 minutes. YouTube or Rumble. Add it to your calendar!… Continue reading KSF Progress Report