Developers, Help Save Deleted Articles

Hi Developers (especially),

You might have seen recently in the news that Wikipedia deleted their Rosemont Seneca Partners article.

We think there ought to be a collection of all deleted Wikipedia articles, or the subset of deleted ones that are not just obvious spam or vandalism. The Deletionpedia website, which saved copies of deleted Wikipedia articles, is now defunct.

The KSF now has the software to make it fairly easy to do what Deletionpedia was trying to do. It would require some further coding, as well as the ability to work with our developers to install, adapt, and update EncycloReader (or possibly EncycloSearch, if we add a reader to that one).

Another issue is that, as an organization, the KSF has no interest in being owner/publisher of articles. So this would not be an in-house project. This would be your project; we would only help you with it. You would have to own and set policy for this resource yourself; but we can give you some help building it.

If you are a developer and have an interest in using our software to develop a replacement for Deletionpedia, please join our Slack group.

Larry Sanger
[email protected]

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By Larry Sanger

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