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Week 2: encyclosphere top software priority

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Larry Sanger
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Of the various software components that you anticipate being part of the encyclosphere, which should we make our top (next) priority, and why?

Posted : 13/09/2021 6:07 pm
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associating the DID:Web component to various articles on the web. I think this is the most complex component that will need to be integrated to maintain coherence about the content being published on the network. One aspect may be that no user / administrator will want to upload articles from their website, so we may be able to move forward and generate some sort of hashed ID to associate with each encyclopedia article entry, whether it is claimed or not by the author. Maybe this isn't possible, but I consider this a major bottleneck if we can't bypass their submission process and generate our own ID's to later be claimed.

Posted : 13/09/2021 7:34 pm
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Still thinking on some of the other questions, but I personally honestly think this one especially is a bit early.

Greater review of different similar projects, their pros and cons, their gaps or calls to action of their own, what it is they know they're missing or really "have". I think that needs to come first here. We touched briefly on the web and it's pit falls, but we all kind of know here how the web at least leaves open a lot of problems, it leaves little to discuss but formalization of problems. Lots of people are trying to forever solve them though.

I think a project, concept, or even alpha of SOMETHING needs to be attempted, even if only to gain greater exposure. But we have the opportunity here to kinda step back too and say: Lots of people doing this, how can we use whats there to make an encyclosphere quickly? And to educate those who would want to try as well in what is available to them. If the goal is that no one person owns this, and especially as you hope at least not KSF, then I would think that a more useful question then what comes first. Identifying what might need to be is good, but only I think initially to direct that research and educational effort.

Posted : 15/09/2021 9:07 pm
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I'd like to have a better sense of how the rating system would work. What criteria does an article get rated on? Accuracy? Style? Engaging multimedia? Too long / too short? 

I'm also curious as to the level of granularity ratings apply to. I could rate an entire article, but I might want to pick out specific paragraphs or sentences to label as false or misleading.

Posted : 22/09/2021 9:52 pm