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Week 2: other encyclosphere failure points

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Larry Sanger
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What are some other issues that could result in failure of our encyclosphere project? What are the best ways to solve those issues?

Posted : 13/09/2021 6:10 pm
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having to do the DID resolution on a constantly evolving basis - how do you register the ownership / authorship of an article in the style of wikipedia that has multiple authors, or even extremely minor authors like editors? what is the anchor of the site, the publisher, or the author of the content? perhaps both, but this will be difficult to render in high fidelity and in realtime

also the general idea mentioned by Sergei regarding content updates, having to manage the crawling or pushing of content updates

I presume we could try to have the encyclosphere reader client software locally store the query's results and then publish any updates via webtorrent to the main article file as an updated version, but then you have a problem such that each version may have splintered seeders and some versions of the page may have too many seeders or not enough seeders, and how will they know how to present the latest file? perhaps the torrent file can force the seeders to download and serve the latest file, but another consideration

Posted : 14/09/2021 7:20 pm