How to Get the KSF Off the Ground

In this post I’m going to share some organizational plans and solicit advice about them.

We have two main tasks/goals in the next few weeks: (1) organize volunteers into active, more or less self-managing groups, (2) launch this blog, and (3) apply for 501(c)(3) status. That should be enough to get us started.

So I’ll outline next steps under each heading.

Organizing Workgroups

For workgroups to be active, they need: a bunch of people agreeing to work together; a group mission (which they agree to, of course); appropriate ways to communicate and work together; and established ways to report to and coordinate with the greater whole.

Here then are the steps I’m envisioning. Feedback on any of this would be most welcome!

  1. Actually make a spreadsheet with names and basic information about the earliest participants.
  2. Write instructions to get onto
  3. Actually decide on what the initial, minimum workgroups should be. Create chat rooms for those workgroups.
  4. Reach out to the people who have already shared enough info and/or showed enough commitment, and ask them to get involved in specific groups.
  5. Depending on the workgroup, do whatever needs to be done to let people get productive (e.g., add developers to the Gitlab group; add designers to a design group).
  6. As people arrive, note on the spreadsheet who seems to be useful, productive, and motivated. These people can be listed on the team page if they wish.
  7. Ask each group to make a weekly report in the main group, and someone compiles the reports into a blog post, so everyone can keep current on what work is actually being done.

Blog (KSF) Launch Requirements

We have already done quite a bit of work on the blog, but in the last few weeks there have already been some developments, so that much needs to be updated and finished. This is mostly a matter of writing. Here are the main items that must be done before launch:

  • Pages about the basic idea: What Is the Encyclosphere, Introduction, FAQ, Founding Principles, Technical Proposal
  • Organizational pages: Team, Contribute, Road Map, Todo, Users
  • Fundraising pages: Donate, Donate Rules
  • Other basic pages relating to the KSF: About, About LMS, Contact, maybe Launch Partners, Legal/Terms/Cookie Policy, Privacy, Sitemap

There are a few other things that need to be in place, before we can do a proper launch:

  • Write a press release. While the manifesto might be sufficient to get the idea across, and while Everipedia plans to do a press release, we really will have enough news to share that our own press release is a good idea.
  • Get all the donation avenues set up.
  • Set up basic bookkeeping and “thank you note” procedures, so no donation goes unaccounted for.

Apply for 501(c)(3) Status

This is fairly straightforward. We just need to apply.

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