Seminar FAQ

So what is this seminar?

A basic introduction can be found on the main seminar page.

Where do I sign up?

Seminar sign-up here.

What does it cost?

The seminar is free, but we encourage donations.

How much do you recommend donating?

It is up to you; it depends on how much you get out of it and also how much you can afford. $10/month would be generous for most people. Wealthy supporters, who want to ensure that the encyclosphere takes off, should consider giving more.

Why are we doing a seminar?

There are two purposes

First, we wish to teach partners and participants about the very idea of a decentralized content network, which has unfortunately become an unfamiliar concept.

Second, we want to deliberate with partners and participants about what the shape of the encyclosphere should be. There are many policies to be decided and decisions to be made.

Can I join late?

Sure, although later on you might not be able to follow what is going on so well, depending on the topic, without some relatively basic material. The first few weeks will be introductory and should probably be reviewed by everyone, unless you are already up-to-speed on those issues.

Will you offer college credit or some sort of certification?

Unfortunately not.

Are the lectures/readings/written discussion required?

Not strictly, but it’s all part of the course. We will be discussing the reading, so you will not get the total experience if you do not read them. Doing the reading without the lectures will not give you as much insight. Finally, written discussion is really the “main event,” and the reading and lecture should help us there.

I have some ideas for readings, speakers, or topics. Can I suggest them? Where?

Yes, please. A good place would be in our Seminar Forum.