The gift of knowledge… last chance for 2021

Happy New Year!

We raised $15,535 from 84 donors this month, so that’s nice. You could help bump it up over $20K today, and have a tax-deductible donation for 2021.

The latest news:

  • We’re making progress on all fronts, EncycloReaderEncycloSearchMinifeed. You’ll see big improvements in all of these within the next month or two.
  • We are actively debating what data transmission protocol to build on. (The latest DAT? BitTorrent and WebTorrent? IPFS?) The network will support as many protocols as people want to use, but insofar as the KSF is running the first couple encyclopedia aggregators, we need to settle on a way to exchange data between them.
  • How much data is in ZWI format, transmitted via our (for now) DAT network? Number of Articles = 27783. Total Size = 11404 MB. Expect these numbers to increase by several (or many) orders of magnitude by the end of the year. At this point we’re still figuring out architectural issues before getting serious about comprehensiveness.
  • Still, one of our coders (who is grossly underpaid, at the minimum wage) has started developing EncycloCrawler—as the name suggests, this new software scrapes free content from free encyclopedias, making it into ZWI files, and will soon create “stripped-down” versions of ZWI files for proprietary encyclopedias.
  • This year we will announce and invite developers of all sorts to go ahead and build apps on the aggregated data, including branded versions of our own free OSS apps. The first such announcement should happen within the next few months.

The latter is big news, as far as I’m concerned. What does it mean? It means an open public network of free encyclopedic information that any developer can turn into a search engine and reader (general or specialized)—and which anybody can contribute to.

It means free knowledge. Really free knowledge. The way the internet is supposed to be.

We could use your help!


By Larry Sanger

See this page for my bio. Welcome to this site! Thanks for being here!

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