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The Knowledge Standards Foundation has a lot of news, in approximately chronological order:

After a casual call for donations on Twitter last fall, Foundation President Larry Sanger managed to find our first significant donation, $100,000 plus legal expenses paid. We soon thereafter restarted organizing things in the Slack group.

Larry published a book, Essays on Free Knowledge, available in both paperback and ebook format. Chapter 10 concerns the encyclosphere idea.

We have begun organizing a seminar on the how and why of decentralizing the Internet, to launch in March of 2021. To this and other ends we have begun having regular organizational meetings, typically on Fridays. See the Slack group if you’re interested. Much of our time has been spent behind the scenes, getting the organization ready.

We are now have a three-member Board of Directors, including Larry Sanger (President), Christian Gribneau (Secretary), and Tim Chambers (Treasurer). Both Christian and Tim are developers and technical managers of long experience. We have incorporated the Knowledge Standards Foundation as a nonprofit Delaware corporation, and officially doing business in Ohio. We are in the process of applying for tax-exempt status—a long and involved process. We have a bank account and have hired a bookkeeper and accountant.

This is just a summary; it is far from all that we have done. We have been busy!

By Larry Sanger

See this page for my bio. Welcome to this site! Thanks for being here!

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  1. I googled the Knowledge Standards foundation and it came up blank…
    I am grateful you mentioned it on your page about the new book (Heard you mention it on Epoch Times). I grew up in a family of readers of the Encyclopedia! I am looking forward to this work.

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