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Workgroups, What

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to agree to join a workgroup.

Workgroups are groups of people working (at least a bit) in the same general area to support our join mission of building the Encyclosphere. Workgroups are convened and (where necessary) hosted by the KSF for the convenience of those working in them

Workgroup members are not employees or volunteers of the KSF, unless they want to be so regarded. This is important because work on the Encyclosphere needs to be decentralized. If you want a title with the Foundation, ask. If not, that’s fine.

The KSF as an organization does not pretend to be able to issue orders to volunteers. As with any OSS project, this is “work when you can, on what you want.”

Our current thinking is that our mission can be broken into three different pieces, all of which can be addressed by the same workgroups:

  1. KSF support: Support the KSF in its efforts to launch the Encyclosphere (e.g., help maintain Encyclosphere.org and do marketing on behalf of the whole system).
  2. Standards and shared tools development: Develop standards and otherwise provide various (OSS) tools and services for the use of any independent projects that make use of the standards.
  3. Independent project support: Serve as a home base for broad discussion and promotion of independent projects, or in other words, to advise but not oversee, cheerlead, and help promote efforts that are directly contributory to the Encyclosphere project (e.g., a for-profit startup that is building a tool that uses successive drafts of the standards we develop).

List of Workgroups


  • KSF
    • Do technical dev and management (via admin interface) of the Encyclosphere.org blog.
    • Manage any other tools used directly by the KSF that require significant configuration, frontend design, and coding.
    • Skills needed: WordPress configuration and management and CSS/frontend design implementation, PHP, others depending on the project.
  • Standards and tools
    • Discuss the technical requirements of and develop standards.
    • Support developers in creating tools such scrapers, APIs, etc.
  • Independent project support
    • Maintain a list of relevant projects.
    • Updates the general community about relevant coding news from different associated projects.


  • KSF
    • Manages DNS and hosting.
    • Manages command-line and database tasks (especially for the blog) that can’t be achieved through the WP admin interface.
    • Installs and maintains any self-hosted communication software workgroups use (such as Matrix).
    • Skills needed: DNS, Linux, cPanel, installing various relevant software, others depending on the project.
  • Standards and tools
    • We might host our own distributed database (feed aggregator), if no independent developer steps up, just for test purposes. We’ll spin it off later as soon as external interest develops.
    • We might run our own scrapers that update the database, again if no independent developer steps up.
  • Independent project support
    • Maintain a list of relevant projects.
    • Updates the general community about relevant coding news from different associated projects.

Graphic Design

  • KSF
    • Produce assets, especially images, for use in Foundation branding, blog, social media campaigns, etc.
    • Provide graphic designs and improve UX for Encyclosphere.org.
    • Skills needed: mobile-first design skill, artistic ability, UX/UI experience. CSS/technical frontend skills wouldn’t hurt but would be more covered in the “Development” group.
  • Standards and tools
    • Create helpful diagrams and other graphics to support standards and tools development, e.g., for a page or PDF with standards, or for Gitlab groups.
  • Independent project support
    • Support independent projects that lack their own designers.

Internet Marketing

  • KSF
    • Create and take the lead in implementing a KSF marketing strategy, including fundraising.
    • Do the same for the Encyclosphere more generally (since this is the KSF’s mission, there is no huge distinction here). Distinguish and target audiences such as users, participants, and (as a particularly important kind of participant) developers.
    • Work closely with Social Media, Writing, and Publisher groups.
  • Standards and tools
    • As needed, assist developers in recruiting developers and users for their tools.
  • Independent project support
    • Support independent projects that lack marketing skills.

Legal Team

  • KSF
    • Help drive the process forward to 501(c)(3) status.
    • Draft/approve website/community legal documents such as the privacy policy.
  • Standards and tools
    • Advise on legal issues related to tools (such as scrapers) that we create.
  • Independent project support
    • Provide free legal opinions to independent projects on legal issues they face (but not representation).

Executive Team

  • KSF
    • Coordinate KSF activities in general: interface with (perhaps, have representatives on) workgroups.
    • Take the lead on fundraising, working closely with any fundraising volunteers.
    • Make decisions about tools and technologies.
    • Post regular summary progress reports to the community.
    • Recruit and interface directly with publishers, coordinating the Publisher Feedback Group, and with any other partners.
    • Take legal responsibility for Encyclosphere.org, its groups, and standards, working directly with the legal team.
    • Actually pay and/or arrange for the maintenance of KSF hosting.
    • Eventually, manage internal HR responsibilities such as hiring, firing, payroll, etc.
    • Skills needed: These would be the hardest-working and/or most-suitable participants who have the ability to join the organization as employees. Honesty, reliability, and devotion to our basic principles are all paramount.
  • Standards and tools
    • Actually publish and endorse standards once they are approved by the Board of Directors.
    • Maintain legal ownership of any proprietary components of tools hosting (such as Gitlab accounts).
  • Independent project support
    • Help officially welcome any new efforts, especially large or well-funded ones.